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My birthday is March 19th, 1948. When I stand straight I'm 6'4" tall. I weigh in around 240 pounds,  maybe a little more.

I started playing with web page design by coding in simple HTML.  Then I moved up to some simple and free editors including Netscape Navigator Gold.  Then I bought a package from Sausage Software called Hotdog.  Now I'm up to using Microsoft FrontPage.  I've designed websites for a couple volunteer agencies.  I've found that when you do things for free they are not appreciated and all that work has since disappeared.  I maintain a couple of commercial sites for some friends of mine doing minor changes and updates.  Nothing for profit, just fun.

In any event, I like to be active. Gadgets intrigue me. I've been accused of not being very diplomatic. I tell it like I see it and don't mince words. This gets me in trouble. I spend a lot of time on the computer doing stuff like this and learning new things.  I just can't say "NO" to anyone who needs help. Therefore, I spend time helping others with computer related problems and making their systems do what they want.

My Work Status

I worked for AT&T from 1968 to 2014 when I retired.  I did many other things in life from selling at Radio Shack to working in security and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  In my earlier years I was a short order cook for awhile then worked as a disk jockey and engineer at a couple local radio stations.  I was a member of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard for about 10 years.  Had a couple minor deployments within the US.  Nothing else exciting on this front.


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