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This is Radio Station KF2HP

For those who don't know about this hobby, let me explain briefly.  An Amateur Radio Operator or HAM, is a person that studies and passes some tests.  They are then issued a call sign that is unique to them.  Something like a commercial radio station gets.  There are various classes of licenses, each being a little more or less difficult than the others.  Obviously, the higher the class of license, the more tests you have to take and pass to achieve a given class.  You are given more privileges with the higher class of license.  In the old days, you had to pass a morse code test to obtain any class of license.  Then the restrictions where relaxed and you could obtain some classes of licenses without knowing morse code.  The governing bodies are now looking at dropping the morse code requirements completely.  Who knows where that will go.  In any event, when I got my license I had to pass a code test at 13 words per minute (WPM).  The next step was 20 WPM and there was no way I was going to make that.  I had this block at about 18 WPM.  At the time that prevented me from achieving the Extra class of license which is the highest class license available.  I had to settle for second best which at the time was call Advanced class. So what does all this buy you?  Well, you can use radio equipment to communicate on a variety of frequencies in a variety of ways.  This includes operating locally thru what are known as repeaters on VHF frequencies to talking to people around the world on HF frequencies.   HAMs send TV pictures, code, voice and many other types of information.  They have a system called Automatic Position Reporting Service that track where you are at any given time.  Lots and lots of neat gadgets and toys.  All done without commercial intervention.  You don't have to pay a cell phone bill or subscribe to a service to enjoy these games.  Just you and some radio equipment.  If you want to know more please visit the ARRL web site listed on my links page.  If you need some help in understanding all this or are interested in becoming a HAM, please send me an email and I'll be glad to help you all I can.



Update 10/08 - just a note.  The powers to be removed morse code requirements from the licensing process.  Now you just have to take a test.  I understand the objectives but I'm not sure the trade offs are worth it.  But I guess they had to do something and honestly, Morse Code is becoming antiquated.

Update 01/16 - This is my station setup here in Kentucky.  I have all my equipment up and running with a new vertical antenna in the back yard, a 80 meter 1/2 wave dipole, a 2 meter/440 Mhz vertical on the roof along with a 11 meter vertical.  I still have a 40 meter 1/2 wave dipole to put up.

Update 09/17 - I took my Extra Class exam this month at the Greater Louisville Hamfest and passed.  So now I am an Extra.  My thanks to Gary, WA0ASA (formally WA4UNW) for the motivation to do it.  Also, I have not yet gotten my 40 meter dipole up.  But I did put up an end fed dipole good for 6 through 80 meters.  It plays very well and I use it as my primary antenna.

Update 01/19 - New shelving with Ameritron AL811H amplifier in place.

Update 01/19 - You can now watch me at radio station KF2HP by going to my Web Cams page or by clicking here - Radio Station KF2HP

I now have my QRZ log book available for you to look at. Here are my last 15 contacts:

Fish Tank -

In 2014 the grand children were treated to the Spencer County Fair.  While there they won some gold fish.  Some made it and some didn't.  We bought a few to make the kids feel better but bottom line I became the keeper of the fish.  So I now have a 10 gallon fish tank with 4 gold fish and 1 sucker fish.  It's a pain in the ass to keep clean as gold fish are extremely dirty.  I really need to clean the tank at least once a month and change some of the water at least once every other week.  But it keeps me busy for the better part of a day.

March 2017 - The gold fish are gone. One got sick and died and shortly after the remaining fish died. So, fish tank and all the pains here are gone.


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