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This page is a compilation of links I frequent. It is not my intent to validate or promote any products of any company. Just some good sources of information. I have purchased from some of these vendors and would be glad to pass along my opinions if requested. Have fun and enjoy.

Terry Albright's Web Site - This is my brother-in-law's web site.  More information on the family.

The Weather Channel - The weather channel.  Provider of the free weather information in the home page.

The Weather Underground - My local weather station is linked to this service.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration - Another good weather source.

Become a Storm Spotter from Home - Interesting reading thanks to Liam.

SourceForge - another excellent source of software

The American Radio Relay League - An excellent source of information relative to ham radio.

Kim Komando - This lady has an excellent site for answering all kinds of computer questions.


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Last modified: March 2021